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Tri-Fold wireless keyboard plus touchpad

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Introducing 3 in1- The best of both worlds. This sleek, lightweight laptop will get the job done wherever you need it to go - from business meetings to a Netflix marathon at home. With a wireless backlit keyboard and touchpad that simplifies all your traveling needs, there's no waiting around for spare laptop parts just so you can type an email or browse Facebook. And did we mention this catch-all would protect your lap from stains too? Now you're ready for anything when 3in1 is on call.

It's a keyboard, mouse, and trackpad. It has Bluetooth capability - meaning you can simultaneously work on the screen of your laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. The 3-in1 keyboard includes cushioned pads for easy use during long typing sessions. It's lightweight with an extendable hinge so you can type at any angle more convenient for you whether its flat on your desk or outstretched in front of your laptop over the table surface. And lastly, it folds up easily to take up less storage space when not in use so it doesn't take up too much room and mess up all those neat cords laying around your workspace area. With this 3-in1 Tri Fold Wireless Keyboard+ Touchpad everything is right there at your



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